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Chasing - Gladius Mini S -Underwater Drone with Advance UHD Camera (4K)

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This is Gladius Mini S underwater drone from Chasing. It is designed to let explore every corner in the underwater world. Feature with UHD camera, direct control with remote  powerful- anti stuck motors, powerful LED lights and flexible attachments, it is build from underwater activities. 

Some of its main features:

- Flexible mounting for different accessories 

- Patented anit-stuck motor design - reducing the chances for getting in the sand 

- The remote controller support wifi and data transfer cable to mobile phone or tablet 

- Large battery capacity of 2x 4800 mAH batteries 

- Max speed 4 knots 

- Max diving depth 100m 

- 4K camera with EIS image stabilization 

- Photo resolution of 12M 

- POV of 152 degree 

- Bright LED lights 

- Removeable 64GB memory card for easy file download 

and many other features, the Gladius Mini S underwater drone is perfectly designed for underwater activities. 

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