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TG-SP-1300 ---- Portable Flame LED light with build in Bluetooth speaker and wireless charging

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(Price is in Canadian Dollars) --- Shipping $10 

This is a truly multi-function portable LED lamp. Its LED light can have either flicking or normal mode, it has a build in bluetooth speaker and a build-in wireless charging. User can use bluetooth connection, AUX, TF card or USB key for music playback. 

Main features: 

- LED lamp -- can adjust between flicking mode or normal mode

- High quality sound from is speaker system 

- Build-in bluetooth speaker  (Bluetooth 4.2) 

- Build in Wireless charging (Qi standard)

- 3600 mAh battery capacity 

- Hands free phone calls 

- Music playback: bluetooth connection, AUX port, TF card and USB key

- Portable and handy to carry around 

- Unit Charging port at the back 

- If you have two of this units, they can also be paired together


---- Always follow instructions and read user's manual before using and handling the product 

---- Product information are provided by the supplier 

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