BOT - STEM - Wifi Robot for students

  • BOT - STEM - Wifi Robot for students


BOT - STEM - Wifi Robot for students

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BOT robot is a great tool for student that want to learn STEM knowledge. It has different features such as LCD screen, Video camera and ultrasonic sensors. Small in size, but such much fun, student can even re-program this robot as well. This robot can be control through computer, smartphone app, and its remote control. 

Some of its features:

- STEM education with different functions such as, gesture and other tasks 

- With features such as video camera, eye with ultrasonic, LCD screen and etc. 

- Small in size, but so much fun

- Programable and can be control by computer, smartphone app and its remote control. 

small, fun and educational. 


 ---Full product information in product's page by clicking the "more product information" button 

--- Always follow instructions and read user's manual before using and handling the product 

---Adult / parent guidance is require


Modern design

Easy to Use

Easy to use