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SmartWallit Pro

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Color: Blue

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Introducing this amazing device; the SmartWallit Pro. A thin device that put into your wallet, and through its smart phone app, it will remind  you, when you leave your wallet behind or if you leave your phone behind the thin device in your wallet will also remind you, so they are monitor each other. 

This system is using USB 4.0 technology, through the app, it records your last position, it also has buzzer features, as well as distance indicator for showing distance between you and your wallet. 

- Using bluetooth 4.0 

- Receive message and reminder through its smartphone app 

- Buzz sound feature and distance indicator 

- Thin in size for the wallet. 

and other features, the SmartWallit Pro is one functional device. 

---Full product information in product's page by clicking "more product information" button 

---Always follow instructions and read user's manual before using and handling the product.

---Always pay attention of your own belongings. Before leaving a place, please maker sure that all your belongings are with you. You are reponsible for your own belongings. 

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