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Chasing M2 PRO ROV ---- Underwater Drone - Industrial Grade for Professional Purposes

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This M2 Pro -ROV from Chasing Innovation; a professional industrial grade underwater drone. Design and build for different industrial tasks such as underwater search, commercial/industrial inspection, aquaculture inspection and others. It is also designed with flexible movement and controls, with long list of available accessories, battery options, advance powerful motors and design, deep working depth, impressive camera and other professional features. 

Some of its main features:

- Powerful motor with ant-stuck design with max speed of 1.5m/s (3 knots)

- Durable structure 

- Advance movement/control design 

- Impressive camera with 4K video resolution, Photo pixel of 12M, POV of 152 degree, a Lens of F1.8 

- User convenience features:; live broadcast, sharing through social media, convenience photo taking while recording video, slow motion and photos in time-lapse, simple edition features, capaitable of sharing up to 3 devices for images, Removeable 128GB SD card for easy download and watch. 

- Removeable 128 GB SD card - support up to 512GB 

and many other features and the M2 Pro is design and build to perform. 

------Full product information on product's page by clicking the "more product information" button. 

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