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Revopoint - POP - Portable 3D Scanner (Standard Package)

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Introducing this new portable 3D scanner. With advance technology, it can accurately scan any object or even human face to generate 3D diagram. Easy to operate, it features a system platform that can calculate and mapping; and it also compatible with most software (it also has its own easy-operate software). 

Some of the main features:

- Device is developed based on binocular structured light --for high accuracy that can reach up to 0.3mm 

- Advance build-in chips to complete most mapping and calculation.

- Advance sensors 

- High precision and scanning modes for texture base 

- Advance alignment technology -- scanner can scan with different angles, it will continuously adjust by itself. 

- Different scanning modes such as human scanning, outdoor scanning, and easy scanning modes. 

- Small in size and easy to operate 

- Advance invisible IR light  

- It has its own software that is design for user-friendly - for real time data, progress, make corrections and controls.

- Compatible with most software and platforms 

there are many other features, this portable 3D scanner is a great tools to have. 


---Full product information in product's page by clicking the "more product information button." 

---Always follow instructions and read user's manual before using and handling the product. 


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