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EBO Air - indoor Security - Mobile Home Monitoring Robot

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 This moving robot is truly amazing, not only it can patrol your home remotely by using its phone app. Through its app, you can set the automatic cruise/patrolling and sending photo or video to your phone, you can also use it to interact with your pet, children, friends or elderly relatives. It is compact, easy to control and reliable. 

Some of its main features:

-Advance AI technology 

- Advance Sensors:

- Automatic charging 

- Advance Camera and Microphone

- Recognize peoples face, dogs, and Cars

- EBO can avoid bumping with its TOF sensor - Advance Obstacle Avoidance 

- Quiet Motor and operation 

and many other features, EBO -Air robot is your best options for smart home

----Full product information on product's page by clicking the "more product information" button. 

----Always follow instructions and read user's manual before using and handling the product

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