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Sleepon --- GO2Sleep SE --- Sleep tracking device

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Better tracking your sleep with GO 2 Sleep - SE tracking device. This small yet advance device gather data from abundant capillaries on your fingers. Its smart app will keep track your sleep quality and provided data for your sleep every night. These data includes: sleep stages, blood oxygen data, heart rate, body movement, AHI and other info. 

Easy to operate, just wear it on your finger, and sleep, a detail sleep report will be ready for you in its smart app. There are other features that will help you to keep track of your sleep quality. 

Some of its main features:

-- Easy to use, just wear it and go to sleep, sleep report will be ready for you in its smart app. 

--- Wear like ring or wear at the fingers

-- Advance technology to collect accurate data

-- Detail reports outline elements such as: saturation of blood oxygen, heart rate, sleep stage, efficiency of sleep, health tips and other data. 

and there are many other features that helps you to get a better sleep. 

--- Full product information available on product's page by clicking on the "more product information" button. 

--- Always follow instructions and read user's manual before using and handling the product. 

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