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Bluetti AC300 Power Station (Total AC Output 3000W) + 1x B300 Home Battery/Power Backup System

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(Price is in Canadian Dollars) 

Be prepare for your power needs with this powerful home battery system ! This unit has 1x AC 3000W and a B300 expansion battery for home back up. Features with different output ports for different needs including 2 wireless charging pad; among many other features. It is powerful, reliable and functional at the same time. 

Some of its main features: 

- Power Station - Total AC 3000W output 

- 3072Wh System capacity 

- Wireless charging Pad

- Different ways to recharge/input 

- Optional Solar input 

- Smart app for control 

- 2400W max for optional solar input 

- 5400W max for dual charging (optional Solar and AC) 

and many other features make this a functional choice. 

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