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Swellpro - Splash Drone 4 with GC3-S Camera (Waterproof Drone)

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Introducing this new advance drone and it is truly different from other. This fight platform is design to be weather/waterproof. It is build to take on all kinds of outdoor job tasks. Build with durable and reliable structure for outdoor harsh environment. 

Some of its main features:

- Tough body design with waterproof technology (IP67 rating - seawater proof -) all weather flying (rain and snow) 

- Powerful motors with wind resistance up to 60km/h,  2Kg payload capacity 

- Floating design 

- Advance and waterproof GC3 -S --- 4K-camera (3-axis)

- 5Km image transmission 

- Remote control is also IP66 waterproof 

- Remote control is capable to connect multiple devices for group operation 

- Remote control has a build-in GPS for real time information and tracking and other features. 

- Advance smooth flight control technology 

- Advance return to pilot feature 

- Auto Power flip function 

- Intelligent follow me feature 

- Advance orbit follow mode 

- Advance and convenience smart app for logging, recording, control and setting of the camera and others modules. 

 and many other advance and professional features, the splash drone 4 is build and design to perform in different professional tasks. 

-----Full product information on product's page by clicking the "more product information" button. 

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