Muse S - Brain Wave Detecting Headbands

  • Muse S - Brain Wave Detecting Headbands


Muse S - Brain Wave Detecting Headbands

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We have this amazing brain wave detecting headband. With advance technology, this headband can detect your brain wave and through the app, it can translate all the brain wave data into easy and useful information. 

Some of its main features:

- Easy to wear and simple to operate

- It can sense brain wave and convert them into useful and understandable data through the smart app. 

- Also measure other data such as heart rate

- If gives all data, so you can better understand the data and progress 

- Monitor your sleep cycle and data, with advance technology, it will help you to return to sleep with intelligent  sleep support technology. 

and many other features, better understanding yo ur mind and better adjust to your daily living. 

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