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PowerVision --- PowerRay - Explorer model

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----Price as shown is for the PowerRay - Explorer model, there are two different model to choose from. Photos as shown with optional feature

---- Price for this product is in US dollars 


Ray is one of the most advance underwater drones. Aero shape design make it capable to travel up to 4 knos in still water; along with two bright LED lights at the front. 

It features an impressive camera that is 4K UHD and able to capture 12 megapixel image and 1080P real time steaming. Also with PowerRay's is its advance video stabilization feature, in which when it is filming, it can holds shooting angles. PowerRay's battery can provide 4 hours of diving time, with good accuracy of depth hovering. 

PowerRay also work with its official app: vision+. It supports Android 4.2 or later and IOS 8.0 or later. This app can be downloaded from all major app stores. The app itself can also be PowerRay's virtual controller. 

PowerRay also available with optional PowerSeeker Fishfinder - a sonar system that detect landscape underwater, temperature, and hotspot for fishing. Also PoweRay also available with a optional PowerVision VR-One Plus goggle for impressive first person view. 

2 models to choose from, base on your needs


--- Full information also availableby clicking the "more product information" link.

---- Always follow instructions and read the owner's manual before operating, handling and maintaining the PowerRay



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