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Ditra --- Alarm Clock with radio, bluetooth speaker and WiFi surveillance Camera

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 There are different alarm clock, with Bluetooth speaker and radio, but we have this device it also has a build-in surveillance camera. This unit's hidden camera  has an advance invisible IR LED and it record video in HD format with audio. Also, it has USB charging feature for your phones 

Some of its main features:

- Alarm cock with radio and bluetooth speaker 

- High quality bluetooth speaker and easy to pair with most phones or tablets 

- Hidden HD camera -- 1080P CMOS sensor 

- Capture clear video with audio 

- Hidden IR LED night vision up to 30 feet 

- Support up to 128GB microSD card 

- Smart app for live video, access to video files, playback videos and set up alerts 

- Use can activate motion activation system 

- USB charging port 

and along with other features, this device is a true multi-function. 

----Full product information on product's page by clicking the "more product information" button. 


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