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AI UVC and Spray Disinfection Robot

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Design for commercial space, this UVC and spray disinfection robot is to achieve maximum efficiency in terms of cleaning and disinfecting. It features adjustable disinfection volume based on different needs. User can also set their own disinfection areas, and disinfecting modes. It also features voice control, advance Ai communication system, 

Some of its main features: 

- UVC at the bottom of the robot or air spray disinfectant 

- Adjustable volume 

- User setting for disinfection area and timing based on different needs 

- Object avoidance system and sensors, so it move around object or among people

- disinfectant by air spray, user can set small, medium and large - fog volumes 

and there are other advance features. 

---More product information on product page by clicking the "more product information" button. 

---Always follow instructions and read user's manual before using and handling the product. 

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