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AI - Patrol Robot for Security

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Keep your office / commercial place secured with this AI Patrolling security robot. It features pre-set fixed navigation, or using its own camera, sensors and navigation to more around the space. Its advance real time monitoring can function in real-time and send to the surveillance office. There are many other features with this robot: 

Main features: 

- Mover by Pre-plan route, Sensors, GPS and camera, 

- Real - time video directly to the office's surveillance office 

- Speaker system: Security guard can speak through unit's microphone 

- Auto-return for charging 

- Can climb slope up to 30 degree 

- Climbing over single step --- 4 inch / 10 cm 

- High and low temperature resistance 

- Waterproof  

- Optional - Infrared camera for night time patrol 

- Wind toppling prevention 

there are many other features within this robot, this robot is an essential part for commercial security. 

--- More product information in product page by clicking the "more product information" button 

--- Always follow instructions and read user's manual before using and handling the product

---Consult professional before purchase and using of the product

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