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PowerVision ----- Power Dolphin - Standard model

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----- Price as shown is for the PowerDolphin "Standard" model. There are three different models.

 ----- Price as shown for this product is in US dollars.


Experience the advance of Doiphin; a marine drone that can be either on water surface or under water. It can  transmission image up to 800m, it has cruise mode, normal mode and underwater mode. Dolphin has a maximum 4.5m/s for above water sailing. 

 it has a impressive UHD 132 degree wide field camera that is 4K level as well. This camera angle can also change up to 220 degree, and can be rotate for shooting above water and underwater. PowerDolphin has a large 5800mAh batter for 2 hours battery life. 

PowerDoiphin can also used in fishing activities and underwater mapping, with optional powerseeker and bait box feature. 

There are 3 models to choose: standard, Explorer, and Wizard 


---Full product details, model information are also available by clicking the "more product information" link. 

--- Always follows instructions, and read the owner's manual before operating, handling and maintaining the product. 




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