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Geneinno T1 - Diving Drone

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(Price for this product is in US dollars)

(Robotic arm shown in the photo(s) is not included)

 T1, is one of the most advanced diving drone available. It has the maximum diving depth of 492ft; along with 6 powerful thruster for maximum 2m/s.  T1 also can tilted 60 degree up or down. 

Along with  T1 is an impressive UHD 4K camera. It has 1/2.3 CMOS with the wide angle of 160 degree. This camera has UHD 4K video resolution and 8mp with still image. Lastly  T1 also with 3000 LM of LED lighting. 

The  T1 is powered by a 9000mAh battery and can provide maximum of 4 hours of operating time.  T1 can also support different types of extensions like robotic arms (not included).

 ---Full product information in product's page by clicking the "more product information" butto

---Always follow instructions and owner's manual before handling, operating and maintaining the Geneinno T1 diving drone. 

Basic Information

More product information by clicking the "more product information" link 

Weight: 10lbs 

Max Depth: 492ft

Max Speed: 2m/s (6.8ft/s)

Battery Capacity: 9000mAh

Flow Resistance 4kn 2m/s

Maximum Diving Time: 4 hours

Charing Time: 3 hours 


FOV: 160 degress

Still image size: 8M 

Photo format: JPEG 

Video Resolution: 4K 


Live steam: Yes 

Operating system IOS 9.0 +,  Andriod 5.0 +, windowXP and above 

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