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A Dancing Robot with Bluetooth Speaker and programable controls

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About the Product

(Price is in Canadian Dollars) 

This is one amazing dancing robot, it is design to dance with the music and itself also a Bluetooth speaker. You can connect with Bluetooth from your laptop/desktop computer (if carpetable) to this Bluetooth speaker robot. Once you connect with the robot and all you have to do is to play the music and the robot will start to dance. 

 You can also use the smart phone app (for both android and iOS) to remote control the robot and use even can re-program it, so they can decide how the robot should move. 

   Main features

Laptop or Desktop computer connection with Bluetooth (if carpetable) 

--- You can connect your laptop or desktop computer, to this Bluetooth speaker - dancing robot. Once connected, play the music and the robot started to dance. 

Using the Smart phone app (android and iOS), connect through Bluetooth:

---- Using the phone app, you can remote control the robot or re-program to change the moving pattern. 

---- Play music from your phone to this Bluetooth speaker - dancing robot, it starts to dance when music plays. 

General features 

- Dancing with music 

- Bluetooth speaker 

- Connect through Bluetooth from laptop or desktop to the robot (if carpetable) 

- Remote control through app on your phone (for Android and iOS)

- Programable for how you want the robot to moves and reprogram its moving pattern. 

- Rechargeable battery and it re-charge by using USB (adaptor not included) 


---The dancing robot needs a moment to learn or to get into the song before it started to dance 

---The Robot can dance base on certain rhythm and tempo of music, so some rhythm may not accepted by the robot, while some other will. 

--- The smoothness of signal of Bluetooth connection, especially with phones,  may also effect the dancing pattern as well. 

---Always follow instructions and read user's manual before using and handling the product



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