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Rexing S3 - 3 Channel Dash Camera with Wifi and GPS logger

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A well design and functioned dash cam can give you a peace of mind no matter when you are in car traveling; and this is what this amazing dash cam designed for. This 3 channel dash cam from Rexing, features 3 camera lens and each can be record at 1080p at the same time and each lens has 170 degree wide view angle. There are many other advance features that make this dash cam and ideal choice. 

Some of its main features:

- 3 channel: 3 Lens each with 170 degree viewing angle 

- 1080p high quality: each lens recording at 1080p at the same time 

- Super night vision (front camera): advance technology make it record in high quality even in low - light environment 

- IR LED lights (side cameras) : each side cameras with advance IR LED for clear capture in side the car cabinet or out of the cabinet. 

- WIFI connection using mobile app: use its mobile app, you can arrange, organize and view recordings files with your andriod or iOS devices 

- GPS logger: using Rexing GPS technology for accurate speed, location and route data using google map

- Advance supercapacitor: build to handle extreme climate/temperature by using advance supercapacitor

- Parking Monitoring: the dash cam will automatically turns on when it detects motions or vibration OR set it to record 24/7 format time - lapse video (Optional smart/intelligent hardwire kits is required for this parking monitoring feature) 

- Loop recording: new recordings will automatically replaced the oldest recordings, if the memory card is full. 

- G-sensor: the current video will be locked, if the sensor detect collision and the locked file won't be overwritten  

there are other features, this dash cam gives you a peace of mind. 

-----Full product information on product page by clicking the "more product information" button 

-----Do not completely relies on the camera and its safety features, always drive with care, pay attention and always follow driving regulations. 

-----Follow instructions and read user's manual before using and handling the product. 


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